Jeans, jeans, jeans!

My dad used to roll his eyes and complain that I was always wearing jeans…Guess what? He was right!

From winter to spring, and summer to fall I will be wearing jeans…along with most of the rest of you, I expect.  Dontcha just wish you’d invinted these money spinners ;O?

These days jeans come in a whole range of shapes, washes, and finishes, enough to have placated my dad even ;).  I have skinnies [mostly], straight leg, flares, bootcut, boyfriend, biker, high waist, low waist, patched, embroidered, waxed, distressed, black, grey, dark blue, light blue, pink, white….need I go on?  Jeans are hardly boring same old blue cowboy fare any longer…


Version 2

Above and below traditional dark wash denim but with the modern addition of a bit of elastane for comfort, heartfelt sigh ;O

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Similar looks here and here


I love jeans that feature zips on the hip, I think that the effect is slimming, and I love my harware as you will probably know by now!  I have this style in lots of different colors.  Similar black here and here grey exact here and similar here pink, exact here [they are worth every penny;O] and similar, love these ones with the buttons, here and here white [no wardrobe is complete without white jeans] mine are old, but these are this year’s model here and I like these here the aqua pants are also old, these ones are similar here




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I featured these patched pants recently on Insta and they garnered loads of likes!  They remind me of the ones we used to do ourselves in the days of hippie festival chic, which is, if you think about it, exactly the same fashion vibe as now!!  I reverted to Levis, my original jeans love, for this look.  Similar here and here  I have to confess tho that these days I prefer a jean with a little stretch content…2% is best.



Damsel in distressed!  Or Distressed is best ;D  these are my jeans of choice…I love the worn in feel of a good pair of distressed jeans, these are both in a slim boyfriend style [dontcha just wish you had a slim boyfriend ;O]  Similar here and here and here



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Love this fringed pair similar babyliscious ones here and I love these too here


…and then there patterned jeans 😀 …I LOVE a spot of leopard, as you all will know by now ;O…similar here and camo never goes out of style…similar here and here

Then there are embroidered ones I have these here …oh and there are pearl strewn ones…and…

The point is that living in jeans is not a boring wardrobe choice anymore…even if once upon a time you would have agreed with my dad!  Every girl should curate a good collection of jeans in the styles and colors that you like the best.  Dressed up or down they really are a girl’s best friend in the wardrobe stakes!

Thanks for stopping by my friends.  Bye for now, Sarah x