Life in a Heat Wave…Phew it’s Hot Here!!

…so what to do when the temperatures soar? Here we head for the nearest pool…





I bought this scarf in the early 70s on a market stall in Cambridge in the UK.  I have worn it in multiple way over the year, with and without many clothes.  It has been on every beach holiday ever, and in my opinion is the invaluable item to pack.  Similar ones here and here and in a different color palette here The important quality is to be of light weight cotton.  Above I’ve wrapped the scarf around my head, a look that I used to do a lot in my festival going days!  I’m wearing with cool shirt here and here  and baggy pants here and here I have this style in many different colors!




I bought this bikini from Spanish brand Women’s Secrets, on sale, YAY!  because it is a perfect match for my treasured scarf.  The bikini has the advantage of reversible pants, to a black ikat patern.  AS Iza was taking photos as I changed I was not about to demonstrate this functionality for you ;O






A little breeze was much appreciated in the sweltering heat, tho it produced a very bad hair day ;p





Above I’m rockin the scarf with shorts, I always buy from H&M a size or too up so that they sit low, here and I’m in my GI cap again, similar here and here The army cap is about the same age as the scarf which must be the ultimate in cost per wear!!!






I’ve doubled up a bead necklace to make an anklet (this one is home made) similar here

Same similar bikinis are here and here

I think that this outfit demonstrates how items can be loved and cherished long term even if they were cheap as chips in the first place!  The secret as always to maximise their impact by experimenting with different ways to wear pieces.







…and finally I get to lie down ;D

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that I have given you a few ideas for your next foray to the beach.  Bye for now, hugs Sarah X