Summertime & the Livin’ is Easy…


2018-06-01 14.49.41

This is such a classic look to ease into summer.  The pants are light weight and fluid, these are from last year, these are similar by Zadig current season here  and I like this pair too here  With a classic white tee, exact here  or a looser style here would look and feel cool.


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The canvas sneakers, or what we Brits call Plimsoles, are supremely comfortable and look perfect with this laid back look here I buy 2 or 3 pairs of these from H&M every summer.


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The scarf is also a season or two old but the skull pattern is reprised every season exact, though not sure if its still in stock, here or here and this year here in gorgeous green!

I’ve paired my box bag with a guitar strap and left the regular handle to hang down.  This styling adds interest to the look, aswell as helping to elongate the silhoette!  Bag here and strap here mines an old one, of course ;O, but I love this season’s rendition with the Girls Can Do Anything slogan here


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Light-weight Layers for Transition Styling


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I love to layer up for style and practicality.  None of these pieces are new so I’m just giving ideas of how to style this look using similar pieces.  My style philosophy, which I learnt from my mother, was to choose a few good quality items and mix and match them to get multiple different looks.

The longer length cardi is from my fav Zadig & Voltaire and I bought it at the end of last summer season on sale :0….Result!  I like this style as it slims the hips and covers the bum if you like it that way.  Similar here and here Styled with a camisole the cardi transitions into summer and covers up in the morning and evening when there is still a chill in the air.  This camisole is a Liberty of London print produced in a limited edition for Uniclo, therfor cheap as chips!  Sadly no longer available but I love this one here or for a warmer palette this one here

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Love my skinny jeans as you may have realised by now!  Look out for lighter weight cotton mixes for summer wear.  These are old ones from Hudson Jeans – I wish they still produced them with back pockets as they are very flattering for a boyish figure like mine.  Some alternatives that I like are here or my favorite pink ones here


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I like to wear my boots for as much of the year as possible so the plethora of white ones that are available this year are a great bonus for the summer vibe that they add.  Mine are from Chloe so an investment piece, but if I ever tire of them they will sell on consignment for not much less than I paid for them and never, never will they go for landfill :O!!!  here and here I like this neutral color pair, similar style here but much more reasonable ;p and also this style here and these boot style sandals look pretty cool too here  My bag is also from my favorite major design brand here and here but these saddle bags would look good with the outfit too here and here and here

To complete the look I pile on a collection of silver jewelry with a few turquise accents, perfect for a summer boho vibe.

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Neutrals with Attitude…

So here I’m wearing a favorite mix of girlie and tomboy…


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So here I’m dressed in my favorite casual style…classic [in a badass kinda way] neutrals with a pinch of femininity.  I’ve teamed a lace trimmed silk cami, mine is from a previous season Zadig &  Voltaire, new season here or a similar style here  with a casual open cardi, similar here  and here  and skinny combat style pants, similar here or these ones would look cool here


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Love the back of the Zadig cami, attention to detail but so discreet!…and the same finesse in the seams of the cardi.  Love it!


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The footnote is also Zadig, as is the bag, all from previous seasons but still produced by the brand each season in slight variations.  The Mods style boots are available in this colorway, which I loooove, here  or this cheaper version would be acceptable here The bag, called Rock, is a trans-seasonal classic, this is one of this season’s offer which would look amazing with the Mod boots above ;O here


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I’ve accessorized with my usual hardware…as you can see I’m getting loadsa use out of my customized dog tag here and I’m also having  fun with the new circular necklace that can fit all the different pendants and charms that I’ve collected over time here  The shark tooth is from several years back, similar here


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The bracelets are my permanent summer adornment, here  and here and here and the ring also gets lots of outings 😉 similar here and here


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…and finally, my watch, similar here [very expensive I know..but cost per wear FREE!!! however there are many cheaper versions available], the reason why the watch works so well for everyday is the metal mix of gold and silver colors that make it go with any of my jewelry and other embellishments.   Very similar sunnies here


That’s it for now folks.  Thanks again for stopping by and for all your support and comments.  Bye for now, Sarah X

Transitional Whites

So what does one wear when it should be summer but the temperatures are still low…

2018-05-22 10.07.33-2


White feels light and summery but with a duster and boots it is proof against a chill breeze. here I’m rockin transitional layers [for much longer than normal here in southern Spain].  A white blouse will see you right through the summer season, here and here with white light-weight cotton jeans here and here and here .  I’ve added another layer with a light duster here and here and I’ve donned my trusty Susanna boots again [love these boots ;D] here and here


2018-05-22 10.07.55


I’m wearing my normal silver and turquoise hardware which has earned its place in my wardrobe time after time…here and here and here and here and a watch bought years ago from Fendi and worn practically every day since…ie in terms of Cost per Wear = absolutely FREE ;O!!!  here  PS when I bought mine it cost less than $200 which is what I call an investment; sadly though Mr F does not agree with me whole heartedly ;(


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My ring was bought when we were on holiday in Paris around 12 years ago and can similarly be regarded ;D similar here and here and here The bracelet with the pink stones is pretty antique too, similar here

My philosophy is to know your own taste, and to buy things to keep and treasure.  I renew my wardrobe each season with a few new pieces but mostly recycle my outfits to create different looks.

Once again many thanks for stopping by.  I soo appreciate your loyalty and the lovely comments that you sometimes leave.  Bye for now, Sarah X

Black & White for Instant Style

For a quick and easy polished look B&W is a failsafe option for me…


Above I’m pretty casual in distressed denim and tee, but undoubtedly the look is elevated by the color palette.  My [very old] black tank, similar here and here and white wrap cardi, similar here  is a classic combo that I wear over and over with black or white jeans, similar here or if you like a more classic look try these here or here

Of course it is the chunky jewlery that takes the look into the next level, as you probably realize by now I’ve been collecting striking pieces for most of my life.  These items have actually reached the state of FREE items on my Cost per Wear scale ;O haha!  The leather cuff studded with silver metal and crystals is around 10 years old by DSquared2, I’ve done a bit of a search and found a few alternatives that would have a similar effect here one by the same brand, currently on sale :D, or I looove this one here  or how about this one for fierce fabulosity here The horn pendant was from a Spanish brand called Unode50, One of 50, and as I bought it 4 years or so ago, clearly it is not still available, but similar here and the skull pendant, exact here was likewise purchased several years.

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For the next look the addition of a schoolboy style jacket renders the B&W pallete even more chic.  I’m wearing the same scarf which is a very old one from my fav Zadig, if I were to reappraise this look I’d defo add an McQueen scarf here or here or I also like this one from Kenzo here  The blazer is linen [current but sold out Zara] similar here and I like this one here

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Here I’m looking angelic ;O in the same outfit…the jeans [black this time] are old favorites fro Zadig, the new rendition is here and these ones are on my lust list ;O here or for a less pricy option here

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The boot obsession you will all be familar with, although soon the temperature here will be too hot to wear them!  These are the real deal here but if you really love the style there are many similar looking copies around, from Basalt is my favoritehere My box bag is a previous season Zadig, here is this season’s version.

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I sometimes pin this ribbon brooch to add a vintage military feel, similar here  and my other jewelery has all featured on the blog in the past, mostly from the aforementioned jewelery brands.


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…and just to show how valuable are my style tips here I’m sharing some of my secrets with one of the Ale-Hop brand’s exponents of B&W style!!!!

Thanks for dropping by my friends, bye for now, Sarah ;D x


Jeans, jeans, jeans!

My dad used to roll his eyes and complain that I was always wearing jeans…Guess what? He was right!

From winter to spring, and summer to fall I will be wearing jeans…along with most of the rest of you, I expect.  Dontcha just wish you’d invinted these money spinners ;O?

These days jeans come in a whole range of shapes, washes, and finishes, enough to have placated my dad even ;).  I have skinnies [mostly], straight leg, flares, bootcut, boyfriend, biker, high waist, low waist, patched, embroidered, waxed, distressed, black, grey, dark blue, light blue, pink, white….need I go on?  Jeans are hardly boring same old blue cowboy fare any longer…


Version 2

Above and below traditional dark wash denim but with the modern addition of a bit of elastane for comfort, heartfelt sigh ;O

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Similar looks here and here


I love jeans that feature zips on the hip, I think that the effect is slimming, and I love my harware as you will probably know by now!  I have this style in lots of different colors.  Similar black here and here grey exact here and similar here pink, exact here [they are worth every penny;O] and similar, love these ones with the buttons, here and here white [no wardrobe is complete without white jeans] mine are old, but these are this year’s model here and I like these here the aqua pants are also old, these ones are similar here




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I featured these patched pants recently on Insta and they garnered loads of likes!  They remind me of the ones we used to do ourselves in the days of hippie festival chic, which is, if you think about it, exactly the same fashion vibe as now!!  I reverted to Levis, my original jeans love, for this look.  Similar here and here  I have to confess tho that these days I prefer a jean with a little stretch content…2% is best.



Damsel in distressed!  Or Distressed is best ;D  these are my jeans of choice…I love the worn in feel of a good pair of distressed jeans, these are both in a slim boyfriend style [dontcha just wish you had a slim boyfriend ;O]  Similar here and here and here



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Love this fringed pair similar babyliscious ones here and I love these too here


…and then there patterned jeans 😀 …I LOVE a spot of leopard, as you all will know by now ;O…similar here and camo never goes out of style…similar here and here

Then there are embroidered ones I have these here …oh and there are pearl strewn ones…and…

The point is that living in jeans is not a boring wardrobe choice anymore…even if once upon a time you would have agreed with my dad!  Every girl should curate a good collection of jeans in the styles and colors that you like the best.  Dressed up or down they really are a girl’s best friend in the wardrobe stakes!

Thanks for stopping by my friends.  Bye for now, Sarah x




How to Organize your Closet into Stories

In fashion retail it is common practice to display items in Stories – it is an ideal way of showing what goes with what…

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In the last few posts I’ve shown how I buy strategically for the season.  In this post I’d like to demonstrate how to organize your closet so that it is easy for you to see the range of options that you have to maximize the impact of your items.

I’m using a trick that I learned in the fashion retail sector which makes it easier to see at a glance what  you have in your closet, and how you can combine pieces together to achieve lots of different outfits.

You will see from these photos that I have placed sweaters, tops, jeans, tees, shoes and accessories together where their potential can be realized.  Best of all with this display method is that it’s difficult to forget pieces that are hidden away in drawers, or are distributed amongst other closets.

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Obviously you will be restricted by the closet space that you have, and by the configuaration of that space.  Here I’ve just used an old display rail to give you the idea – normally this lot will be housed in a section of hanging space with shoes below, bag hanging behind the door, sweaters, tees and jeans folded below the hanging rail and accessories interspersed between the clothes so I don’t forget that I have them!


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Almost all of these pieces are from previous seasons, as you will know if you’ve been following my styling tips and philosophy.  When I reorganized my closet for Spring I discovered several contenders for inclusion with my edit that I hadn’t included mentally.  Result!  More bang for my bucks ;D

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New pieces {so far} pink jeans from Zadig & Voltaire, exact here and similar here the much vaunted print blouse from Isabel Marant here and here tho they may be sold out…and a couple of pairs of what we Brits call Plimsoles here and here and here

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If you flip over to my Looks page you will see how I create different styles from these pieces.  Using separates in this way enables me to look fresh and interesting even tho I’m wearing pieces on repeat!

That’s it for now folks, thanks for stopping by, Sarah x