Packing for a City Break

Three days in Madrid – How to pack for a City Break

City breaks demand a little discipline as I like to travel light…certainly on the outward journey ;O

Top Tip:  Decide on a color palette and plan your outfits accordingly.  When you’ve decided approximately what you will be wearing turn it into a packing list.

Style Philosophy:  I do not like my clothes to be for one season only.  By learning to layer in different a quirky ways you can extend the life of your clothes throughout the seasons and for several years.


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I selected a color palette of Black, White and Gray with a Splash of Wine…always a good idea 😉

Check the weather conditions if you are not already familiar with the place that you are visiting, and make sure that you cover all eventualities… It sounds simple and basic but I have to confess to having been caught out in the past ;(

ALWAYS pack a change of footwear, and make sure that they are comfortable as city breaks are very hard on the feet!  Travel in the heaviest pair and pack the others.

If you are carrying an extra bag/purse stuff your clean undies inside to save room and prevent your bag becoming squashed!

Don’t forget accessories…these take up less space and provide you with more outfit options…jewelry, scarves, belts, sunglasses etc

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Only boots need for Madrid in January – it is very cold.
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2 Bags – 1 to Carry, 1 to ring the changes.


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Lots of Layers – Freezing Temperatures Outside, Hot Inside…
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Rolling Sweater and Tees can Save Space and Prevent Creasing

That’s it!  All packed up and Ready to GO…..Enjoy!


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Thanks for reading, Sarah x aka Badassbabyboomer 😉