Transition Style Tips

My style basics are often black in the winter, worn with grey and a pop of red…

As the weather changes I tend to change my basic black for white, see below…

Still winter, but today is warm in the middle day

A long white shirt will be perfect for the beach later in the year, but for now is perfect layered over a tee instead of a jacket, similar here

The jeans are from last summer, similar here and I’ll be digging out my white boots, exact here and also wearing my cowprint boots from Mango here for moooching about ;O terrible!!!

Last season blazer and new sneakers…

This white blazer was one of my best ever buys for cost per wear and i’m sure you’ll be seeing it again this Spring, similar here and a striped tee is a perenniel all year favorite item in my closet, this one is my new fav

The sneakers are from my fav Zadig & Voltaire here¬†and OMG its on sale!! Get it before it goes ūüėČ

My sneakers xoxoxo ūüėČ

On my wish list to update my looks as we move nearer to spring are these bags, both from Zadig and I can’t decide between them…what do you think? A white studded number here or a cute silver one here¬†I can justify the expense because I’ve cleaned out my closet and sold lots of my unworn stuff on Vestiaire Collective. This makes me happy because someone else will love my stuff and I will not feel guilty of neglect, win, win!

Thats it for now folks, more on my new wardrobe tweeks as the seasons change. Meanwhile you can keep up with me over on Instagram. Thanks for dropping by, Sarah xoxo

Styling Tips – Bags of Style

So how do you spin your style so that it looks and feels new and interesting without spending a fortune on new stuff…

So after a long absense, for which I apologise, here are a few recent Instagram looks which feature different ways of carrying your handbag or, for my American friends, your purse. It seems a simple enough equation, you need stuff so you carry a bag, right! But listen up folks ;O

Classic flannel coat worn over a black shirt and this season’s favorite animal print pants. I’m wearing the bag over my shoulder from the short chain

One of the simplest styling strategies is to experiment with how to wear a bag. If you always wear or carry your bag in the same way you are missing opportunities to add flexibility and drama to your look, and all without buying anything new at all!

Here I’m swinging my bag from the shorter chain strap

The bag I’m using in all the outfit photos is my current favorite from a favorite brand, Zadig & Voltaire hehre But there are lots of other brands which have the flexibility of long straps for cross-body wear and shorter for on the shoulder.

Here I’m using the same bag as a clutch

Clearly you can remove the straps when you are carrying a bag in this way, however I prefer the effect that the dangling straps give.

Halfway heft!

Cross body on the longer strap

Cross-body hanging to the back

Followers will have gathered by now that my personal style falls into the rock chic or edgy spectrum of fashion, though if you take a closer look most of my key pieces are really classic, and it’s only through the styling details that they become avant garde.

In my blog I try to give easy tips on how to personalise your look and how to get more bang for your bucks. I’m not about buying lots of cheap stuff and throwing it away. My philosophy is to buy good pieces and make the most of them, with a little creativity a little goes a long way.

That’s it for now folks but I’ll be back with more tips and tricks soon. Thanks for dropping by. Sarah X

Styling Tips – Bag Straps



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So, minor detail I know, but I like to buy bags that I can wear in different ways, and it is because of this peccadillo (amongst others ;O) that I like my Zadig bags!¬† I go for the models that have a D ring and Dog¬†clip as it makes the handles interchangeable.¬† I especially love the proliferation of guitar style straps as additional accessories…perfect for the job!¬† The Boxy bag that I’m wearing above is an old one but Zadig produces one or two versions of the same every year, similar¬†here¬† I’ve changed the strap over from another bag, similar¬†here¬†(Perfect for now as its snake print!)


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In the following pic I’ve swapped the handle again for a guitar strap style, no longer available but some others that would do the job are¬†here¬†and¬†here¬†or a full on designer job¬†here¬†or, love this one ;O¬†here

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I also like to leave an extra strap trailing to rock up the look a bit, but I guess that’s my idiosyncratic¬†style.


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So I suppose that the message is to think outside of the box, especially when you’re weary of a particular outfit.¬† It’s surprising how a little tweak can refresh your look, and with a minor investment you can get a whole lot of extra mileage out of something that seemed a bit tired.

That’s it for now my friends.¬† Many thanks for stopping by, Hugs, Sarah x


Shopping Tips from a Pro ;)

Here’s how to shop like a pro…


Above is an out-take photo from my last post from Zadig & Voltaire, Marbella.¬† I’m featuring this photo as an example of how I go about shopping for the perfect look.¬† I have developed a simple process over the years and it revolves around 3 main premises.

  • ¬†Know your style and lifestyle
  • Don’t think season, think versatility
  • Buy to add a little flair to what you already own

To elaborate slightly…I know that I will always wear jeans and tops (sweaters, tees, shirts, blouses).¬† This sweater is perfect for me…but hold on a minute…thinks ;O…I have it already!¬† In fact I have a black and white stripe tee, a red and black ditto, a red and black cashmere sweater exactly like this one and a grey and black oversize number therefore I defo do not need the top BUT doesn’t it look pretty cool with the skirt?¬† But will I wear the skirt…the panel is still out on that one ;p, but I think probably yes.¬† Why?¬† Because the skirt is light weight and will cross season from the heat of now to winter chill when I will wear with black tights or leggings and boots a sweater and a leather biker jacket.¬† to replicate this look:¬† sweater¬†here¬†Skirt¬†here


Back to the aforementioned jeans.¬† I’m having a bit of a love affair with a newish Parisienne brand called Hironae.¬† It’s not widely available yet, but that’s what I like, Zadig was small when I first started buying their stuff.¬† Anyway jeans…you may have noticed by now that I love a pair of jeans with a zip on the hip.¬† Well I’ve been stalking a pair from Hironae ( and to check them out) and managed to score it on sale :D…too hot to show you yet but I’ll be wearing as soon as the weather cools down a bit.¬† That’s a top tip!


I often buy classic styles (yep classics, don’t be fooled by my rocker chick look, that comes with the accessories, and the attitude!¬† My style pics are actually very classic).¬† Buy at the end of a season and you can pick up say a silk blouse, a pair of ankle boots, or a coat at a fraction of the price.¬† I just scored a butter soft leather jacket from another nascent brand that I love for 175Euro and the same jacket is for sale this season for 595Euro…RESULT!!!¬† The brand is a Skandi company called Raiine, love their stuff.


I’ve also managed a white silk blouse, similar but printed here and ankle boots, same but new season price¬†here from Anine Bing,¬†another label love, at a fraction of the price.


So there you have it my friends, a few priceless tips from an expert ūüėȬ† Thanks for stopping by, BIG hug, Sarah X







How to Organize your Closet into Stories

In fashion retail it is common practice to display items in Stories – it is an ideal way of showing what goes with what…

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In the last few posts I’ve shown how I buy strategically for the season.¬† In this post I’d like to demonstrate how to organize your closet so that it is easy for you to see the range of options that you have to maximize the impact of your items.

I’m using a trick that I learned in the fashion retail sector which makes it easier to see at a glance what¬† you have in your closet, and how you can combine pieces together to achieve lots of different outfits.

You will see from these photos that I have placed sweaters, tops, jeans, tees, shoes and accessories together where their potential can be realized.¬† Best of all with this display method is that it’s difficult to forget pieces that are hidden away in drawers, or are distributed amongst other closets.

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Obviously you will be restricted by the closet space that you have, and by the configuaration of that space.¬† Here I’ve just used an old display rail to give you the idea – normally this lot will be housed in a section of hanging space with shoes below, bag hanging behind the door, sweaters, tees and jeans folded below the hanging rail and accessories interspersed between the clothes so I don’t forget that I have them!


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Almost all of these pieces are from previous seasons, as you will know if you’ve been following my styling tips and philosophy.¬† When I reorganized my closet for Spring I discovered several contenders for inclusion with my edit that I hadn’t included mentally.¬† Result!¬† More bang for my bucks ;D

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New pieces {so far} pink jeans from Zadig & Voltaire, exact¬†here¬†and similar¬†here¬†the much vaunted print blouse from Isabel Marant¬†here¬†and¬†here¬†tho they may be sold out…and a couple of pairs of what we Brits call Plimsoles¬†here¬†and¬†here¬†and¬†here

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If you flip over to my Looks page you will see how I create different styles from these pieces.¬† Using separates in this way enables me to look fresh and interesting even tho I’m wearing pieces on repeat!

That’s it for now folks, thanks for stopping by, Sarah x


Bling for Rock Chics

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Above the newest addition to my collection of Badass jewelry. ¬†This perfect piece was made to order by the lovely Emily of Dressed 2 The Nines¬†here¬†how fun is this? ¬†I was asked recently to tell the story of some of my hardware so here it is…

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I’m almost always wearing my watch. ¬†This I bought in Rome from Fendi while holidaying there with Mr F…I have to say that it was way less expensive then than a similar model now, which makes it an investment piece ūüėČ similar here ¬†I love the combination of metals which makes it very versatile for wearing with gold or silver toned metals.

My wedding ring was made to order, and again is crafted from silver with gold details and tiny diamonds to finish.  Mr F bought this for me (with my help) from a craft jewelers in Oxfordshire, UK where we met.

I have a bit of an obsession with skulls and much of my everyday stuff  is from the Thomas Sabo brand here and here I also have a few pieces from Alexander McQueen whence my obsession and here

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The cross that I often wear was sourced many years ago from a craft stall in Covent Garden Market, London. ¬†It is made from plastic resin with black lace encapsulated to give the pattern that many people think is snakeskin. ¬†It’s pretty unique and cost about ¬£10 sterling. ¬†The white shark tooth is an old Zadig & Voltaire design that I bought second hand from Vestiaire Collective.

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The triple band ring is also Thomas Sabo here

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The huge shark tooth pendant featured above is by Spanish brand Unode50 (One of 50), again I’ve had this for a few years so clearly the same style is no longer available. ¬†The shorter necklace is from Thomas Sabo similar,¬†here

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The safety pin and medallion combination is also many years old from Alexander McQueen.  Similar here and here

Clearly I’m a fan of bold zips, and a girl cant go wrong with a stud or two ;O

On the left iconic studs adorn the bottom of an Alexander Wang bag, similar here and to the right Chloe Susanna boots which have been top with fashionistas and Bloggers for years here

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Above another use for a safety pin, this one is from a couple of years ago when Versace reproduced the lion head safety pin for the Versus brand.  Mine came from a pair of jeans!

Style Philosophy:  Know your own style, and buy what you truly love.  This way everything you own is consistent and  all your pieces will enhance each other.

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah X


I often get compliments about layering and requests for help.  Here are some tips to create interesting outfits from your own pieces.

Of course the easy way to layer is to wear a coat/jacket over a blouse or sweater.


But layering becomes more complicated when you need extra layers and the lengths are all different.  Here are some tips for getting a unique look that is also practical.


In the picture above I’m wearing a lightweight blouse under a burgundy open front cardi (the color ties in with my boots) over this I’m wearing a long cardi, and over this I have a sleeveless leather vest. ¬†It’s a perfect look for a cold day but you can peel off once the temperature warms or you go inside. ¬†Don’t be afraid of the longer cardi between the shorter one and the vest, as well as providing extra warmth the longer length helps to draw the eye down and take away from the bulk ;D


Above I’m wearing another outfit that demonstrates layering techniques. ¬†We started the day early and the air was very chilly…brrr! ¬†I am wearing a long sleeved tee under a silk shirt with a velvet hoody over and a roomy cardigan over the top.


When the sun came out off came the layers!  What makes this layered look effective is the use of different textures within one color palette and also introducing one longer layer to elongate the body.



Another layered look and ways to look stylish as you strip off by tying the sweater around your waist or your neck.


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Above I’m wearing a dress over jeans underneath the same long cardi and sleeveless leather vest as before. ¬†The versatility of this look is that the dress loose tucks into my jeans and hey presto I have a different silhouette…

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Layering is not necessarily done to achieve warmth.  Sometimes it can be used as a device to add interest.

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An open cardi worn over a very fine blouse adds textural interest to a simple outfit.

Another tip for layering pieces is to think about order of wear…for instance this denim shirt jacket looks equally good under a sweater or over another blouse or tee.

Style Philosophy:  use imagination to produce different looks from the same pieces. Rotating your separates can provide hundreds of different looks from a surprisingly few basics.

I hope that you have found this post helpful and interesting.  To shop my wardrobe there are links in all the previous posts that feature these looks.  Thanks for stopping by.  Sarah x



Packing for a City Break

Three days in Madrid – How to pack for a City Break

City breaks demand a little discipline as I like to travel light…certainly on the outward journey ;O

Top Tip: ¬†Decide on a color palette and plan your outfits accordingly. ¬†When you’ve decided approximately what you will be wearing turn it into a packing list.

Style Philosophy:  I do not like my clothes to be for one season only.  By learning to layer in different a quirky ways you can extend the life of your clothes throughout the seasons and for several years.


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I selected a color palette of Black, White and Gray with a Splash of Wine…always a good idea ūüėČ

Check the weather conditions if you are not already familiar with the place that you are visiting, and make sure that you cover all eventualities… It sounds simple and basic but I have to confess to having been caught out in the past ;(

ALWAYS pack a change of footwear, and make sure that they are comfortable as city breaks are very hard on the feet!  Travel in the heaviest pair and pack the others.

If you are carrying an extra bag/purse stuff your clean undies inside to save room and prevent your bag becoming squashed!

Don’t forget accessories…these take up less space and provide you with more outfit options…jewelry, scarves, belts, sunglasses etc

Processed with MOLDIV
Only boots need for Madrid in January – it is very cold.

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2 Bags – 1 to Carry, 1 to ring the changes.


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Lots of Layers – Freezing Temperatures Outside, Hot Inside…

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Rolling Sweater and Tees can Save Space and Prevent Creasing

That’s it! ¬†All packed up and Ready to GO…..Enjoy!


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Travelling Outfit

For more Outfits and more about Madrid click on the post Out and About in Madrid.

Thanks for reading, Sarah x aka Badassbabyboomer ūüėČ