Wardrobe Lusts ;O

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Balenciaga bag

The new Balenciaga mini bag here

Balenciaga leather bag

Or its more grown up older sibling here I’m not that much into logos but I think that the Balenciaga brand is soo cool and I love this classic heritage reasserting itself…

Anyway its on the Lust List!  Thanks for stopping by, Sarah x

Current Obsessions ;P

Apart from my Zadig & Voltaire obsession I do have one for Chloe accessories to ;P  I love this mini backpack style…in all of the different colors too…eak!!!

Chloe mini backpack

OK so this is a big ticket item, as in BIG ;O…but cost per wear it will become a bargain within a year, or maybe two…meanwhile it will garner masses of compliments and you can wear it with any old rag because no one will notice anything else…Yay!

Justification complete ;D  Just one problem…gotta find the money!  Check it out if you dare here and here and an alternative by the diffusion line (therefor cheaper) See by Chloe here I also like this one from Burberry here and this streamlined one from Loeffler Randall on sale here