Shopping Tips from a Pro ;)

Here’s how to shop like a pro…


Above is an out-take photo from my last post from Zadig & Voltaire, Marbella.  I’m featuring this photo as an example of how I go about shopping for the perfect look.  I have developed a simple process over the years and it revolves around 3 main premises.

  •  Know your style and lifestyle
  • Don’t think season, think versatility
  • Buy to add a little flair to what you already own

To elaborate slightly…I know that I will always wear jeans and tops (sweaters, tees, shirts, blouses).  This sweater is perfect for me…but hold on a minute…thinks ;O…I have it already!  In fact I have a black and white stripe tee, a red and black ditto, a red and black cashmere sweater exactly like this one and a grey and black oversize number therefore I defo do not need the top BUT doesn’t it look pretty cool with the skirt?  But will I wear the skirt…the panel is still out on that one ;p, but I think probably yes.  Why?  Because the skirt is light weight and will cross season from the heat of now to winter chill when I will wear with black tights or leggings and boots a sweater and a leather biker jacket.  to replicate this look:  sweater here Skirt here


Back to the aforementioned jeans.  I’m having a bit of a love affair with a newish Parisienne brand called Hironae.  It’s not widely available yet, but that’s what I like, Zadig was small when I first started buying their stuff.  Anyway jeans…you may have noticed by now that I love a pair of jeans with a zip on the hip.  Well I’ve been stalking a pair from Hironae ( and to check them out) and managed to score it on sale :D…too hot to show you yet but I’ll be wearing as soon as the weather cools down a bit.  That’s a top tip!


I often buy classic styles (yep classics, don’t be fooled by my rocker chick look, that comes with the accessories, and the attitude!  My style pics are actually very classic).  Buy at the end of a season and you can pick up say a silk blouse, a pair of ankle boots, or a coat at a fraction of the price.  I just scored a butter soft leather jacket from another nascent brand that I love for 175Euro and the same jacket is for sale this season for 595Euro…RESULT!!!  The brand is a Skandi company called Raiine, love their stuff.


I’ve also managed a white silk blouse, similar but printed here and ankle boots, same but new season price here from Anine Bing, another label love, at a fraction of the price.


So there you have it my friends, a few priceless tips from an expert 😉  Thanks for stopping by, BIG hug, Sarah X







Rockin’ Zadig & Voltaire

For those of you who have been following my blog you will know of my dangerous DNA match with the Parisienne brand Zadig et Voltaire!  Now I’m not wealthy, and I do not buy mountains of clothes every season.  What I do do is buy carefully pieces that will live alongside my existing wardrobe items.  Hence the Zadig addiction.  Why?  Because I love the attention to detail, the quality, and each season key pieces are reworked a little without making older pieces look irrelevant.  The colors are consistant from year to year, and, frankly some of the older pieces that I own look as cool if not cooler than the new.  :O!!!

My photographer friend Iza Jarcyn are both fans of the brand and as such are very welcome in our local downtown concession to play around with the new season stock to feature here and on Instagram.  We do NOT (unfortunatey) have a paid relationship with the brand!

Here I’m showing some of the pieces that I like to transition from summer to fall.  Above I’m wearing a studded, red cashmere sweater here and scull scarf  (perennial must have for me…but clearly I already have it) here


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Above I’m in my own pants and tee (both Zadig) the tee is still available here and the pants have been reworked for this season in tiger print ;O here  The bag is an old fav produced every year, but I loved this one with the studded details…no surprises there then 😉 here




Here I’m wearing this season jeans which are the same as I already have, with the tee, ditto!  The patchwork scarf has not yet appeared on line but you may find it in your local store.



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Unusually for me I picked out a skirt to show you here  It’s beautifully light and airy for now and I’d wear with a shirt or tee.  Come fall I would style it with the sweater here and a leather jacket, and my Joe combat boots here  The bag is a new design here


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Loved this Rock clutch in red too ;P  here


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Loved the skirt with a jacket too here I have similar in my closet from a couple of years ago YAY!


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So in summary…yes these pieces are expensive BUT they do not go out of style.  I buy a couple of key pieces each season and I still wear stuff that is 7 or 8 years old, and I still love it!  Sometimes I stop wearing something because I’ve got bored with it, but not often.  When I do, I sell it to a new good home!  I sell through Vestiaire Collective because it has a good European coverage and my Zadig pieces always sell well. All round result.  Happiness when you wear lovey pieces, and no guilty landfill excesses.


Thats it for now folks.  Many thanks for dropping by. Hugs, Sarah x



More Leopard Looks


I’m lovin this saphire-blue leopard lovely, again from , and from the same label as the pants I wore earlier in the week, Fabienne Chapot.  I’ve styled it with lightweight cotton coated pants which give the effect of leather, and a studded crossbody bag from my fav Zadig.  I think this look is classic and chic but with a dash of rock and roll.

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Amongst my parcel of goodies on loan from the-bias-cut I also received this gorgeous little zebra bag (below)




How cute is this little beauty?!  It’s a lovely quality, versatile little number that can be used as a clutch, or worn with the chain as a shoulder or cross-body bag, and the tassel can be removed to create a different look…a win win in my opinion!


Thats it for now folks, thanks for dropping by!  Hugs, Sarah X

On-line Boutique Shopping at


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So what do you do when you’re approached by a fashion retailer and asked to model some of their clothing range on your blog (apart from jump up and down of course)? 😀


Well actually do some research first!  I have never been prepared to compromise on my style and because of this will not accept relationships with brands that I have no natural affinity for., which is solely an on-line retailer, offered some immediate surprises.  Here I have to confess to a passion for shopping in my PJs from the comfort of my sofa…it is all so easy these days providing you use a reliable web-site which offers great service, easy returns and reasonably priced world-wide delivery (a must for me as I’m in Spain for much of the year).


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The first thing that you are aware of when you log-on to the-bias-cut is the look and feel of the site.  I would describe it as being like stepping into a chic but quirky boutique instead of into a high street store or a designer emporium.  A great start for me as I like this type of (physical) shopping experience, and have lots of experience of the independant retail sector from both sides of the counter!


I liked the selection of under-the-radar labels alongside the more established such as the Danish brand, Baum Und Pferdgarten.  I liked the wide selection of sizes and the ability to search by styles, fabrics, colors, sizes etc. But what I liked most was that all the models are women like you and I.  Real people of all shapes and sizes, ages and color.  Brilliant!  Why don’t more brands wise up to the fact that all women need clothes, not just the young skinny ones :p Der!  But the icing on the cake is that Jacynth, founder and owner of the business runs a campaign ‘Age is Never in Style’…how cool is that?


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Anyway, I made my selection of items to model and awaited the arrival of my parcel.  The first outfit that I’ve featured is from a new designer to me, Amsterdam based, Fabienne Chapot.  The choice of leopard print was obv a bit of a no brainer for me ;D.  I thought, rightly, that I could create a chic outfit by pairing the pants (stretch cotton) with matching camisole.  This is the sort of look that I would wear for a relaxed summer wedding or for a formal garden party, or even to the races with a saucy hat!  I added my own linen blazer and gladiator sandals and I’m carrying a trunk bag also from the-bias-cut.


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From the accessories label Hollycroft, and crafted from vegan leather, this little clutch was nicely made but, I thought, rather let down by the detachable strap that didn’t live up to the style of the bag, but a very good looker for the price.


Of course separates like these give lots of scope for mixing an matching with your existing wardrobe, and for my second look I did just that with the pants.  I paired them with a poet blouse and my usual sneaks.


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I love these pants, comfy, perfect length and with pockets!  YES!  This look would take me out for casual lunch or early evening drinks and I have to confess I’m very tempted to make a permanent place in my closet for them ;O


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I think they look pretty awesome with my See By Chloe sandals too…


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Perfection with my Zadig bag too….Oh dear!


That’s all for now folks, many thanks for stopping by, Sarah X





FDC Young Designer Awards 2018

Badassbabyboomer was invited Front Row to the FDC Young Designer Awards in Birmingha, UK…so what did we do…hop on a plane..

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A press/blogger invitation to attend the Fashion Designers’ & Craft Makers’ Network annual Young Designer Awards show was an opportunity not to be missed.  It is a new departure to feature a fashion show on my blog but as the event combines two of my passions,  fashion and supporting young people to achieve their goals it was an easy dicision to take.  Photographer, Iza Jarcyn, and I hopped on a plane.


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Young designers competed for the prestigious title and the winner announced.  The title of FDC Young Designer 2018 deservedly went to Bethany Hilton.  Bethany graduated from Birmingham City University only this year but has already clocked up impressive work experience with J W Anderson, Julian MacDonald and Amanda Wakely amongst others.


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Bethany Hilton designs and mood board



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From the start I liked Bethany’s professionalism, and although I thought that her competition model was rather overwhelmed by fabric, I liked the attention to detail in the design and make.


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Processed with MOLDIV

The designer watches one of her models from backstage



Version 3




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I particulary liked the designers screen printed fabric designs (hand painting her screens  with dye resistant media first to create unique textures in the design) and the metallic hilights in print and in accessories.  I loved the silver hardware (but of course!) that Bethany used to create detachable pockets and straps.

The final deciding factor for me, and a guess for many other fashionistas, was would I wear it?  I this case a resounding yes!  I would dearly have liked to sneak off with one of Bethany’s maxi coats.  I would style it street wise over jeans and tee and it would look sensational 😀


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After the show I had an opportunity to take a closer look at the garment finish which was immaculate in Bethany’s case.  For me a worthy winner and certainly a name to watch in the future.  Congratulations to Bethany Hilton!


Bethany had some stiff competition and we also liked designs from Gema Lewis…


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Version 2



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We were not disappointed by the talent on display.  Hosted at the Cube, Birmingham, canal side, the venue could have been perfect on such a sunny day.  The stair-well of the cube would have created a much more spectacular runway for the models who were struggling to walk in a gloomy low ceiling venue with dark carpeting.  It was a shame too that the turn out was sparse.  The competition and the talent on display deserved better planning and organisation to do it justice.


The charity associated with the FDC fasion show for Angleman Syndrome (discover more and help ) was represented by Donna Edmunds who spoke passionately about the foundation’s ongoing research to find a cure for the little known syndrome from which her five year old daughter suffers.


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Donna has been inspired by her daughter’s needs to create a range of bright and fashionable clothing which solve problems such as wear and tear on the knees of children who continue to crawl, or suitably comfortable pants for those who are constantly seated in wheel chairs, or for those who are stressed by tight fitting clothes being pulled over the heads and necks.  Donna is seeking financial support to forward her business so that she can mass produce her clothing designs.


That’s it for now folks.  More of our adventures in Birmingham in a later post.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed a little fashionista input.  Bye for now, Sarah X





Life in a Heat Wave…Phew it’s Hot Here!!

…so what to do when the temperatures soar? Here we head for the nearest pool…





I bought this scarf in the early 70s on a market stall in Cambridge in the UK.  I have worn it in multiple way over the year, with and without many clothes.  It has been on every beach holiday ever, and in my opinion is the invaluable item to pack.  Similar ones here and here and in a different color palette here The important quality is to be of light weight cotton.  Above I’ve wrapped the scarf around my head, a look that I used to do a lot in my festival going days!  I’m wearing with cool shirt here and here  and baggy pants here and here I have this style in many different colors!




I bought this bikini from Spanish brand Women’s Secrets, on sale, YAY!  because it is a perfect match for my treasured scarf.  The bikini has the advantage of reversible pants, to a black ikat patern.  AS Iza was taking photos as I changed I was not about to demonstrate this functionality for you ;O






A little breeze was much appreciated in the sweltering heat, tho it produced a very bad hair day ;p





Above I’m rockin the scarf with shorts, I always buy from H&M a size or too up so that they sit low, here and I’m in my GI cap again, similar here and here The army cap is about the same age as the scarf which must be the ultimate in cost per wear!!!






I’ve doubled up a bead necklace to make an anklet (this one is home made) similar here

Same similar bikinis are here and here

I think that this outfit demonstrates how items can be loved and cherished long term even if they were cheap as chips in the first place!  The secret as always to maximise their impact by experimenting with different ways to wear pieces.







…and finally I get to lie down ;D

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that I have given you a few ideas for your next foray to the beach.  Bye for now, hugs Sarah X

Urban Safari to Benahavis…


2018-06-22 09.58.49


This urban safari meets army fatigues is so my style ;P  I have been reappraising this look periodically ever since I nabbed my big brother’s long discarded scout uniform at about age 14!  Consistent or what?  These photos are taken by my usual photographer Iza Jarcyn on a road trip to Benahavis…in reality just on my doorstep but this is defo a look for Thelma and Louising about the place 😀  My shirt and pants are linen and cotton, similar shirt here and here and here pants here and here and larger sizes here





The cap is a real GI army surplus from way back ;P similar here and here  I’ve accesorised with my personalised dog tag here {Love this} and a cross body bag which looks a little like a water canteen!!!  Mine’s a real Chloe 😀 here and here an investment but already 3 years old!  Cost per wear and all that…




My sunnies are from a Spanish brand called Web, these Raybans are similar here The red studded strap is Valentino, a birthday present from Mr F a few years back :D, here and here and the black strap works eitheras a choker or a bracelet…I bought this on a visit to NYC maybe 15 years ago, this one would work here




Really the village of Benahavis is the star of the show…dontya just love these tiles?  My sneakers or Plimsoles to us Brits are cheap and defo not box fresh…I prefer em scuffed up… exact here or I have my eyes on these leather ones from Zadig ;O here







Beautiful flowers in random planters, small windy streets and cool coutyards where fountains play…what mote could you want?  😀





Oh there are also quite a few excellent bars and restaurants too…

That’s it for now folks, signing off from temptressing duties 😀  THanks for stopping by, Hugs Sarah X