It’s all about the bucket bag!

Everywhere I look at the moment I see very stylish women carrying bucket bags… This is the way fashion permeates into our closets and out onto our streets: a runway show, a fashion magazine, Instagram, Pinterest, shops and online retailers. I predict that we all will be carrying one over the next few years!

Here I’m carrying a chocolate brown version from German luxury retailer Aigner to add a new twist to some old favorite items which I wear on repeat.

Above and below are some examples of recent ‘sightings’ 😉

And to show how versatile the bucket is for my lifestyle here are a few shots of me wearing mine on repeat ;0

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October 1st – Falling for Fall

Tips for integrating new pieces into your existing wardrobe to create versatile fall styles…

It’s that October feeling we get once Vogue and the like have hit the newsagents shelves and our inboxes are bombarded with new irresistible Pieces in the new seasonal colors…or is it just me? 🤷‍♀️ I think not. Even those of us not that interested in fashion feel the temperatures drop and with it the pace of life and changes of habits involved. The days shorten and we are much more inclined towards cosy textures and warmer colors.

I would recommend however that our seasonal wardrobe shift should commence with a good inventory of what we already have. Older fashionistas like me will have gathered quite a collection of classic items over the years and many of these pieces will perform for many seasons with a tweak here and there and the addition of one or two new bits and pieces. I aim to show you how to achieve this feat without breaking the bank or adding greatly to the landfill sites of the world.

Those of you have followed me over on Instagram, Thank you🙏 , will have seen my closet evolve from grey shades towards brown over the last few years. It’s not that my love affair with grey has ended, more an acceptance of warmer shades. This does not mean that I will stop wearing grey. In fact I’ve discovered a love for grey shades and brown shades combined, as in the look above. The stole that I’m wearing is around 15 years old btw, which rather proves my point about combining pieces from different seasons and years to achieve a more authentic style.

My love of animal print has continued unabated and leopard or tiger print are both perfect additions to an otherwise neutral look. The patterns add interest and fit well with the classic camel, black and brown shades best suited to the fall Season. The addition of sneakers in a darker tone also serves to help the same basic pieces to transition into cooler weather.

With the addition of white and camel It is easy to create a lighter autumn/ winter look. I use this trick all the time. Swap out a white shirt for a black one, or try the look with a grey sweater, OR black jeans/white jeans/brown pants or skirts. This constant reshuffling of the same items gives the impression of a much larger wardrobe than you actually have 🤷‍♀️

Here I’m wearing a camel vest and blazer to Elevate white jeans for a chic look.

Above I’m wearing the same scarf with black jeans, a white shirt and the same black boots. All closet basics worn on repeat. The long cardigan is a signature piece for me too, also from previous season.

A light weight trench coat is perfect for transition style. This one in a striking cheetah print. Here I’ve doubled up on animal print with a touch of leopard on this black saddle bag.

Ring the changes by mixing in long boots with shorts or a skirt using the same principals and you start to have an infinitely flexible wardrobe.

To shop my closet download the App and follow me. I’m not clever enough to put the links in this new format blog yet I’m afraid 😱 I suggest all sorts of options that I like to create the same type of looks. Many are high street, some designer, and you should have a lot of basics of your own that can mix and match with any new pieces that you buy through my affiliate links.

That’s it for now folks, thanks for reading. Bye for now, Sarah xoxo

Transition Style Tips

My style basics are often black in the winter, worn with grey and a pop of red…

As the weather changes I tend to change my basic black for white, see below…

Still winter, but today is warm in the middle day

A long white shirt will be perfect for the beach later in the year, but for now is perfect layered over a tee instead of a jacket, similar here

The jeans are from last summer, similar here and I’ll be digging out my white boots, exact here and also wearing my cowprint boots from Mango here for moooching about ;O terrible!!!

Last season blazer and new sneakers…

This white blazer was one of my best ever buys for cost per wear and i’m sure you’ll be seeing it again this Spring, similar here and a striped tee is a perenniel all year favorite item in my closet, this one is my new fav

The sneakers are from my fav Zadig & Voltaire here and OMG its on sale!! Get it before it goes 😉

My sneakers xoxoxo 😉

On my wish list to update my looks as we move nearer to spring are these bags, both from Zadig and I can’t decide between them…what do you think? A white studded number here or a cute silver one here I can justify the expense because I’ve cleaned out my closet and sold lots of my unworn stuff on Vestiaire Collective. This makes me happy because someone else will love my stuff and I will not feel guilty of neglect, win, win!

Thats it for now folks, more on my new wardrobe tweeks as the seasons change. Meanwhile you can keep up with me over on Instagram. Thanks for dropping by, Sarah xoxo

Black & White

On a blustery day, aka baaad hair day, in late January, doing a little shopping…aka market research ;0

Captured on camera with the evidence :O

Here I’ve swapped my animal of choice to Zebra to fit into my B&W theme. This coat is more of a jacket length on me, and reminds me of one of those 50s Teddy Boy jackets. From Mango, it’s now on sale, here rude not to buy it! I’m wearing with old faithful Zadig & Voltaire white jeans, similar here, and modern cowgal boots, similar here and I looove these ones here

Just stopped for a re fuel…thirsty work shopping 😉

The tee shirt is from IKKS, another Parisienne brand that I’ve bought the odd piece from in the past. This season I invested in two tees featuring Blondie. The band was one of my all time favs back in the 80s, a female lead singer anyone…YAY!!! The tee is sold out everywhere, sorry!

Passing the time…

Enjoying a spot of sunshine…

I’ve broken up the white expanse with a black belt, similar here or you could try one in Zebra print, I loooove this one, on sale too :O. My bag is the iconic Rocky bag from Zadig, sadly not on sale, but a classic, avaiable here 

My dog tags were made for me by the lovely Emily, who trades on Etsy as dressed2theninesdesigns, link here 

Coffee and some dangerous reading material :O..

Strolling along the shop fronts in Puerto Banus

Beautiful blue skies, lucky me!

Blowin in the wind….

This over long shirt is no longer available but the effect could easily be a chieved by part tucking a shirtdress over a tee, here or here

That’s it for now folks, and a big thank you to you for your patience while I’ve been unavoidably distracted. Good to be back! Bye for now, Sarah aka Badassbabyboomer xoxo

Styling Tips – Bags of Style

So how do you spin your style so that it looks and feels new and interesting without spending a fortune on new stuff…

So after a long absense, for which I apologise, here are a few recent Instagram looks which feature different ways of carrying your handbag or, for my American friends, your purse. It seems a simple enough equation, you need stuff so you carry a bag, right! But listen up folks ;O

Classic flannel coat worn over a black shirt and this season’s favorite animal print pants. I’m wearing the bag over my shoulder from the short chain

One of the simplest styling strategies is to experiment with how to wear a bag. If you always wear or carry your bag in the same way you are missing opportunities to add flexibility and drama to your look, and all without buying anything new at all!

Here I’m swinging my bag from the shorter chain strap

The bag I’m using in all the outfit photos is my current favorite from a favorite brand, Zadig & Voltaire hehre But there are lots of other brands which have the flexibility of long straps for cross-body wear and shorter for on the shoulder.

Here I’m using the same bag as a clutch

Clearly you can remove the straps when you are carrying a bag in this way, however I prefer the effect that the dangling straps give.

Halfway heft!

Cross body on the longer strap

Cross-body hanging to the back

Followers will have gathered by now that my personal style falls into the rock chic or edgy spectrum of fashion, though if you take a closer look most of my key pieces are really classic, and it’s only through the styling details that they become avant garde.

In my blog I try to give easy tips on how to personalise your look and how to get more bang for your bucks. I’m not about buying lots of cheap stuff and throwing it away. My philosophy is to buy good pieces and make the most of them, with a little creativity a little goes a long way.

That’s it for now folks but I’ll be back with more tips and tricks soon. Thanks for dropping by. Sarah X

Plaid Shirts & Dresses for Fall

I LOVE a bit of plaid and I think that a shirt. dress or duster is the perfect layer for fall…


Another photo shoot in Puerto Banus with my friend Iza on camera, she is a star!


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Here I’m wearing the newest addition to my collection of plaid.  THe long shirt style dress is perfect for wearing over a tee and jeans as I’ve done here.  This dress is from Essentiel Antwerp + it is a relaxed fit and long for me at almost 6 feet tall so others that might be more suitable and that I like are…here and here and you will also find similar in Zara, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.  I’ll put some links in lower down.


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I’m wearing with cowboy style boots, I’ve been livin in these ones from Massimo Dutti but I LOVE these here and also these beauties here :0 and here The jeans are old ones from Anine Bing, similar here and I like these ones from Topshop here The Vogue Espana tee is beyond price, lucky me, but any tee would look cool layered like this.  I’ve gussied up the look a bit with a belt from last year’s Zadig collection which was worn as a 3x around belt…I’ve done 2x tied it and left a long tail.  There were lots of looks like this in several recent Runway shows so look out for extra long belts hitting the stores soon if you like the look.


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Here I’ve discarded the jeans but, by now we were being followed around by interested tourists  ;O, so I kept on the tee to avoid embarassing moments!


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This close up shot shows my Ilinit bracelet and ring, a perfect combo for this look, take a look at the hand crafted glass, leather and silver pieces ….GORGEOUS!!!  You can also benefit from a discount if you apply BADASS25 at the checkout.  The bag is Zadig here and the guitar strap is an old one that I’ve added.


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Below is anther look that I’ve styled with a very old plaid shirt, similar here and here



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This look shows how versatile is the plaid, first layered over a pretty blouse and pants and then over a leopard shirt.


Processed with MOLDIV


The leopard shirt was from Zara similar here and in fact all over the place!!!


Processed with MOLDIV


Another way to wear a shirt!


Processed with MOLDIV




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So there you have it folks, a few different ways to rock a plaid shirt.  I hope that these ideas will inspire you to take a fresh look at what you already have in your wardrobe before you bust your budget on a fall shopping spree.  Remember Cost per Wear, buy less but stuff that you will wear over and over again.  That’s it for now.  My apologies for a long absence during the holidays.  Back soon with more strategic buying tips.  Thanks for your support my lovelies, Hugs, Sarah X

Styling Tips – Bag Straps



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So, minor detail I know, but I like to buy bags that I can wear in different ways, and it is because of this peccadillo (amongst others ;O) that I like my Zadig bags!  I go for the models that have a D ring and Dog clip as it makes the handles interchangeable.  I especially love the proliferation of guitar style straps as additional accessories…perfect for the job!  The Boxy bag that I’m wearing above is an old one but Zadig produces one or two versions of the same every year, similar here  I’ve changed the strap over from another bag, similar here (Perfect for now as its snake print!)


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In the following pic I’ve swapped the handle again for a guitar strap style, no longer available but some others that would do the job are here and here or a full on designer job here or, love this one ;O here

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I also like to leave an extra strap trailing to rock up the look a bit, but I guess that’s my idiosyncratic style.


Processed with MOLDIV



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So I suppose that the message is to think outside of the box, especially when you’re weary of a particular outfit.  It’s surprising how a little tweak can refresh your look, and with a minor investment you can get a whole lot of extra mileage out of something that seemed a bit tired.

That’s it for now my friends.  Many thanks for stopping by, Hugs, Sarah x


I should’ve been a cowgal and other stories ;)


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Another trend that is pretty difficult to ignore this season is the All American Girl meets Cowboy story.  I have, unsurprisingly, reappraised this look multiple times in my fashion career!  The elements that you need to get the flavor of this fashion story without buying in to it big time are:  Cowboy boots, anything blue denim (not that difficult ;)), a belt with stud or conch decoration, skirt or jeans, plaid or frilly blouse.  The hat is optional, as is the horse!


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In the above pics I’m wearing a patterned silk blouse from several season ago, I like these options, the white to wear with a print skirt or jeans, and the print to wear with a white skirt like mine:  here  and here and here and here or with jeans, which you already have.

The belt is pretty crucial to finish this look and will always look great with jeans, this is my fav and also the cheapest that I found doing a quick search for you here I also liked this beauty here and this one here


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Moving on down… I’m wearing a summer skirt and transitioning into fall.  Here are some options if you would like to reappraise this look, again pair print skirt with plain top or vice versa, here and here and here or the look for less, here Alternatively pair any of these blouses with jeans or a denim skirt.


The key element of this look, and practically every other style that is hitting the shopfloor this season is the boots.  Clearly I have already invested in this trend as I’ve been wearing these Chloe boots on repeat since last summer, the same here I know, I know…but cost per wear and all that 😉  There are a lot of midcalf and long styles in the shops this year too, or you may already own a pair.  A few I like here and here and here or these ones are more reasonable here or these ones are statement boots here


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If you want to go the full hog a hat is the way to go!  A couple of options here and here  Silver and turquise jewelery is also perfect for the style, a couple of ideas here and here and here


When the temperatures cool I will be wearing a  plaid jacket belted over this look, like these here and here and here


Thats all for now folks.  Thanks for stopping by, and for leaving such encouraging comments, I really appreciate your feedback.  Hugs, Sarah X


Animal Print Goes Wild!

None of us can fail to see that animal and reptile prints are having a MOMENT!!  All the shops and websites are awash with the stuff.  But the new slant seems to be mixing it up.  Here are some tips for pattern making with confidence.


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In the first two shots I’m wearing a pair of ancient cheetah print pants which I drag out of the back of my closet every summer as the light weight silk is cool and comfortable to wear.  With the pants I’ve paired a snake print blazer which I had forgotten about…I was just about to hit the buy button when a little voice prompted me to instigate a search.  RESULT this blazer is a gem from my fav Zadig brand that hasn’t had an airing for a year or several.  With a simple plain blouse to break up the pattern the result is pretty eye-catching I think.  Here are a few suggestions of tops and bottoms with which you could create this look.  Top here with skirt here top here and pants here

For a less in your face combination you could try the look below:


Processed with MOLDIV


Here I’m wearing the same pants with a white blazer, similar here and add a print bag here and here and here or you could push the boat out with this one here


Processed with MOLDIV


The easy way to integrate a little wild into your look is to just select one showstopper item and keep the rest plain, these are a few of the items that I liked when I browsed the internet for this post:  Blazers here and here and here and here or you could go for a blouse like this one here




Above is a look I put together a few weeks ago using a shirt and bag from the_bias_cutcom and I have to admit I have my eye on these sneaks here My justification being that I haven’t got a zebra in my zoo, er I mean closet ;D


Processed with MOLDIV


Above I’m wearing top to toe leopard, its a cami and pants not a jumpsuit, the addition of the white blazer serves to tame the look a little!  here  and  here  A few more pieces that you might like are this amazingly gorgeous sweater from Zadig  here and I also like this way cheaper version here Adding a touch of print in the form of a scarf, bag or shoes is another easy way of getting the look.  Click on the link below to see some scarf options.


That’s it for now folks, many thanks for dropping by, Hugs Sarah X




Transitional Dressing


Now you may have already read the post on the new season’s must haves (If not click on Menu, My Wish List) where I talk about ubiquitous animal print.  Well you either love it or hate it, so if you’re in the later camp there are plenty of other wearable themes that will be populating our high streets for the next few months.


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I started to change-up my closet with the addition of a pair of waisted, tailored pants, above.  I bought these on sale, similar here here here and here I won’t be giving up my jeans or my leather pants but I do think that the tailored cropped pant is looking modern again…or perhaps I just stopped wearing as I don’t go into an office on a regular basis 😉  This style of pants suits a belt to maximize your waist, if you’re lucky enough to have one, I’m wearing a plain black one, similar here but clearly there are many cheaper options readily available.


For this look I’ve paired the pants with a patterned silk blouse, from Zadig but from eons ago.  This season’s version here  Any kind of blouse will work, but I chose a feminine style to off-set the masculine cut of the pants.  Clearly I’m still in sandals but as soon as the temperatures drop a little I’ll be digging out my boots!


Processed with MOLDIV


My bag is a classic from Zadig et Voltaire, this time I’ve picked a bigger model, exact here as I needed the space for travel documents etc.  The trend is definately towards bigger bags.  I’ll be topping this look off with a blazer, I like these here and here and here or a biker style leather here  I have these styles already, and I expect that you have too.  My tip for buying leather is to get the best that you can afford.  I soft leather Perfecto will serve you for all your adult life.


Processed with MOLDIV


For my second look I’ve switched the blouse for a more structured shirt style, this one is old, but the same style in a  similar animal print is available this season here  I’ve used a leopard print to demonstrate that you should not be afraid of mixing grey and black with brown and tan.  In my opinion the mix is effective and breaths understated style.  To emphasise the point I’ve added a tan belt here and here  and I will do the same with boots soon.


Processed with MOLDIV


My gladiator sandals are my go to footwear for a few more weeks, these ones are from Valentiono, scored in the sale YAY!!!, I like these ones here

The message not to forget is to look at what you have in your closet first and then hit the shops, or the keyboard, with a list of the items that you need to refresh what you already have.

That’s it for now folks, thanks for stopping by.  Hugs, Sarah x