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  • Styling Tips – Bag Straps -       So, minor detail I know, but I like to buy bags that I can wear in different ways, and it is because of this peccadillo (amongst others ;O) that I like my Zadig bags!ย  I go for the models that have a D ring and Dogย clip as it makes the handles interchangeable.ย  […]
  • I should’ve been a cowgal and other stories ๐Ÿ˜‰ -     Another trend that is pretty difficult to ignore this season is the All American Girl meets Cowboy story.ย  I have, unsurprisingly, reappraised this look multiple times in my fashion career!ย  The elements that you need to get the flavor of this fashion story without buying in to it big time are:ย  Cowboy boots, […]
  • Animal Print Goes Wild! - None of us can fail to see that animal and reptile prints are having a MOMENT!!ย  All the shops and websites are awash with the stuff.ย  But the new slant seems to be mixing it up.ย  Here are some tips for pattern making with confidence.     In the first two shots I’m wearing a […]
  • Transitional Dressing -   Now you may have already read the post on the new season’s must haves (If not click on Menu, My Wish List) where I talk about ubiquitous animal print.ย  Well you either love it or hate it, so if you’re in the later camp there are plenty of other wearable themes that will be […]
  • Rockin’ Zadig & Voltaire - For those of you who have been following my blog you will know of my dangerous DNA match with the Parisienne brand Zadig et Voltaire!ย  Now I’m not wealthy, and I do not buy mountains of clothes every season.ย  What I do do is buy carefully pieces that will live alongside my existing wardrobe items.ย  […]
  • More Leopard Looks -   I’m lovin this saphire-blue leopard lovely, again from http://www.the-bias-cut.com , and from the same label as the pants I wore earlier in the week, Fabienne Chapot.ย  I’ve styled it with lightweight cotton coated pants which give the effect of leather, and a studded crossbody bag from my fav Zadig.ย  I think this look is […]