New Season Must-haves



You all will have realized by now that this A/W life without animal print will be life in the Siberia of the fashion world ;O  I defy anyone of you to tell me hand on heart that you have not noticed our high street shops masquerading as zoos or safari parks!  Personally I’ve been a bit of a fan for years.  In fact leopard has become a neutral in my closet.  For those of you less certain of the charms of animal print here are a few tips on how to make the trend classy not trashy.


I print scarf is a failsafe method of buying into the trend.  I’m wearing a multi-print scarf from Zadig in the top picture, similar here and here and here and a more reasonably priced one here .  The secret is to buy one that is soft and looks luxurious.  Believe me once you’ve tried animal print you’ll never want to stop.




Another way to add a touch of animal magic is to select a bag.  This one is from http://www.the_bias_cutcom here and there are many more to choose from, snake print being one of the poular choices here Your own preferences will not be hard to find I promise you, many of the high street favs such as Zara, Topshop, River Island are awash with choice.


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Another way to harness animal fever is to chose pieces that are in your favorite colors like the above shirt for those who love blue here or this from Zara in khaki here or just go the whole hog like I did below!


Processed with MOLDIV


Above pants here I also like this snakeskin dress from Zara here or how about this in leopard here

Thats it for now folks.  Thanks for dropping by, Sarah x

PS watch out for more new season trends and which I’m backing….




Author: Sarah - Badass Baby Boomer ;)

Baby Boomer speaks for itself, yes I am a woman of a certain age ;) Why Badass? I have Rock & Roll in my DNA, coupled with some Punk Attitude and a (Lovin) Spoonful of Hippie Chic. Altogether BABB ;O The blog is not intended to be age specific, or indeed age appropriate! It is more about my style philosophy. The blog is to help girls and women of all ages to become more confident in expressing who they are through the way they dress. Mine are style tips and tricks based on years of styling, and an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry. My shopping advice is suitable for those with a limited budget, those who are strapped for cash, and for the lucky ones who have cash to splash. Personally I mix it up, marrying high street with high end to achieve my unique look. I hope that you will enjoy my new blog, Sarah x

6 thoughts on “New Season Must-haves”

  1. I love a leopard print! I wear a leopard print scarf for as long as I can remember when I wear a coat. Never thought actually of others colours! Great idea!

  2. I agree about buying into a trend with a scarf-I have a few in animal print too.Finally, about three years ago, I figured out that cheetah wasn’t a trend but just a good old classic!

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