FDC Young Designer Awards 2018

Badassbabyboomer was invited Front Row to the FDC Young Designer Awards in Birmingha, UK…so what did we do…hop on a plane..

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A press/blogger invitation to attend the Fashion Designers’ & Craft Makers’ Network annual Young Designer Awards show was an opportunity not to be missed.  It is a new departure to feature a fashion show on my blog but as the event combines two of my passions,  fashion and supporting young people to achieve their goals it was an easy dicision to take.  Photographer, Iza Jarcyn, and I hopped on a plane.


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Young designers competed for the prestigious title and the winner announced.  The title of FDC Young Designer 2018 deservedly went to Bethany Hilton.  Bethany graduated from Birmingham City University only this year but has already clocked up impressive work experience with J W Anderson, Julian MacDonald and Amanda Wakely amongst others.


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Bethany Hilton designs and mood board



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From the start I liked Bethany’s professionalism, and although I thought that her competition model was rather overwhelmed by fabric, I liked the attention to detail in the design and make.


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The designer watches one of her models from backstage



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I particulary liked the designers screen printed fabric designs (hand painting her screens  with dye resistant media first to create unique textures in the design) and the metallic hilights in print and in accessories.  I loved the silver hardware (but of course!) that Bethany used to create detachable pockets and straps.

The final deciding factor for me, and a guess for many other fashionistas, was would I wear it?  I this case a resounding yes!  I would dearly have liked to sneak off with one of Bethany’s maxi coats.  I would style it street wise over jeans and tee and it would look sensational 😀


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After the show I had an opportunity to take a closer look at the garment finish which was immaculate in Bethany’s case.  For me a worthy winner and certainly a name to watch in the future.  Congratulations to Bethany Hilton!


Bethany had some stiff competition and we also liked designs from Gema Lewis…


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Version 2



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We were not disappointed by the talent on display.  Hosted at the Cube, Birmingham, canal side, the venue could have been perfect on such a sunny day.  The stair-well of the cube would have created a much more spectacular runway for the models who were struggling to walk in a gloomy low ceiling venue with dark carpeting.  It was a shame too that the turn out was sparse.  The competition and the talent on display deserved better planning and organisation to do it justice.


The charity associated with the FDC fasion show for Angleman Syndrome (discover more and help http://www.CUREAngelman.org ) was represented by Donna Edmunds who spoke passionately about the foundation’s ongoing research to find a cure for the little known syndrome from which her five year old daughter suffers.


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Donna has been inspired by her daughter’s needs to create a range of bright and fashionable clothing which solve problems such as wear and tear on the knees of children who continue to crawl, or suitably comfortable pants for those who are constantly seated in wheel chairs, or for those who are stressed by tight fitting clothes being pulled over the heads and necks.  Donna is seeking financial support to forward her business so that she can mass produce her clothing designs.  http://www.kittedclothing.com http://www.gofundme.com/kittedclothing


That’s it for now folks.  More of our adventures in Birmingham in a later post.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed a little fashionista input.  Bye for now, Sarah X





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2 thoughts on “FDC Young Designer Awards 2018”

  1. wow Sarah, thats very impressive! So wish i could have joined you…
    Bethany gets my vote too…
    much love Ashley x

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