Bling for Rock Chics

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Above the newest addition to my collection of Badass jewelry.  This perfect piece was made to order by the lovely Emily of Dressed 2 The Nines here how fun is this?  I was asked recently to tell the story of some of my hardware so here it is…

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I’m almost always wearing my watch.  This I bought in Rome from Fendi while holidaying there with Mr F…I have to say that it was way less expensive then than a similar model now, which makes it an investment piece 😉 similar here  I love the combination of metals which makes it very versatile for wearing with gold or silver toned metals.

My wedding ring was made to order, and again is crafted from silver with gold details and tiny diamonds to finish.  Mr F bought this for me (with my help) from a craft jewelers in Oxfordshire, UK where we met.

I have a bit of an obsession with skulls and much of my everyday stuff  is from the Thomas Sabo brand here and here I also have a few pieces from Alexander McQueen whence my obsession and here

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The cross that I often wear was sourced many years ago from a craft stall in Covent Garden Market, London.  It is made from plastic resin with black lace encapsulated to give the pattern that many people think is snakeskin.  It’s pretty unique and cost about £10 sterling.  The white shark tooth is an old Zadig & Voltaire design that I bought second hand from Vestiaire Collective.

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The triple band ring is also Thomas Sabo here

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The huge shark tooth pendant featured above is by Spanish brand Unode50 (One of 50), again I’ve had this for a few years so clearly the same style is no longer available.  The shorter necklace is from Thomas Sabo similar, here

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The safety pin and medallion combination is also many years old from Alexander McQueen.  Similar here and here

Clearly I’m a fan of bold zips, and a girl cant go wrong with a stud or two ;O

On the left iconic studs adorn the bottom of an Alexander Wang bag, similar here and to the right Chloe Susanna boots which have been top with fashionistas and Bloggers for years here

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Above another use for a safety pin, this one is from a couple of years ago when Versace reproduced the lion head safety pin for the Versus brand.  Mine came from a pair of jeans!

Style Philosophy:  Know your own style, and buy what you truly love.  This way everything you own is consistent and  all your pieces will enhance each other.

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah X

Author: Sarah - Badass Baby Boomer ;)

Baby Boomer speaks for itself, yes I am a woman of a certain age ;) Why Badass? I have Rock & Roll in my DNA, coupled with some Punk Attitude and a (Lovin) Spoonful of Hippie Chic. Altogether BABB ;O The blog is not intended to be age specific, or indeed age appropriate! It is more about my style philosophy. The blog is to help girls and women of all ages to become more confident in expressing who they are through the way they dress. Mine are style tips and tricks based on years of styling, and an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry. My shopping advice is suitable for those with a limited budget, those who are strapped for cash, and for the lucky ones who have cash to splash. Personally I mix it up, marrying high street with high end to achieve my unique look. I hope that you will enjoy my new blog, Sarah x

5 thoughts on “Bling for Rock Chics”

  1. Sarah
    Thank you soooo much for showing us your jewels! I love that you call it hardware too.
    All of it is unique to you and has a story to tell, that is very special.

    I too would wear all of it given half a chance, I love your badass taste!


    Ashley xxx

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