Out & About in Rainy Spain ;(

Contemplating another drenching as the rain hammers against the window of…


Just beginning to dry off after the second drenching of the morning… I’m cozy at least in my layers of cashmere…black cardigan here blouse here bag here and scarf (actually I’m wearing an old cashmere cardigan as a scarf) but this one would do the job here

Style Philosophy:  Always think outside of the box!  Need a grey scarf NOW!  Not a problem, a sweater will do the job…roll roughly to achieve the longest dimension possible, wrap around and tuck in stray ends…et Voila!  New scarf ;D


Iza steered us towards the charming Dezentral Cafe in Nueva Andalucia for a warming cup of coffee and a little sustenance. Not much I could do with the frizzy hair though 😦  Necklace with silver skull from Thomas Sabo, similar here and watch, old from Fendi, similar  here


Biker style faux leather skinny pants similar here and here and my boots are old from Izabel Marant on sale here or similar here

Anyway Iza and I will be searching for indoor locations for photos for at least another week we have major rain forecast, which is much needed in this normally arid part of Spain but must it all come at once ;O That’s it for now folks, thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekends wherever you are!  Sarah X

Author: Sarah - Badass Baby Boomer ;)

Baby Boomer speaks for itself, yes I am a woman of a certain age ;) Why Badass? I have Rock & Roll in my DNA, coupled with some Punk Attitude and a (Lovin) Spoonful of Hippie Chic. Altogether BABB ;O The blog is not intended to be age specific, or indeed age appropriate! It is more about my style philosophy. The blog is to help girls and women of all ages to become more confident in expressing who they are through the way they dress. Mine are style tips and tricks based on years of styling, and an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry. My shopping advice is suitable for those with a limited budget, those who are strapped for cash, and for the lucky ones who have cash to splash. Personally I mix it up, marrying high street with high end to achieve my unique look. I hope that you will enjoy my new blog, Sarah x

6 thoughts on “Out & About in Rainy Spain ;(”

  1. Sarah you are a fascinating woman! Love to know more about your life story?
    or am I being nosey?
    Ashley xx

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