Winter 10 x 10 Challenge…

A friend on Instagram suggested that I should join this challenge and I’m pleased to report that I’m having a lot of fun with it.  Simply you choose 10 pieces from your wardrobe and wear only these items for the next 10 days.  Sounds difficult?  Not so far…hope this is not famous last words!

The first picture shows My selection for the challenge.  As you can see I have selected a neutral palette with the exception of my Chloe boots.  The part of the challenge, which I think makes it easy for me (so far ;0) is that accessories don’t count in the 10 pieces…ie hats, scarves, BAGS (purses to my American friends), jewelry can be added creatively 😀 …defo a win for me!

Style Philosophy:  You don’t hear it much these days but I grew up with the maxim ‘Cost Per Wear’  As a teenager and a bit beyond I thought my mother very outdated when she shook her head at my fast fashion fixes…I guess we’ve all been there!  I wanted to wear something new everyday.

But now I shop carefully for items that I will wear over and over in different combinations.  Therefor an item that is more expensive becomes cheaper than a one off wonder because COST PER WEAR the expensive item is much cheaper than the cheapest of the cheap.  Yes Ma you had it right all along!

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Day 1 (on the day of the Marbella Club shoot) I needed practically every item of my 10 as first thing in the morning was very cold!!

I’m wearing a cardi-coat from Zadig et Voltaire (old) similar here and here and here a silk blouse also Z&V (old) I like this one here and this one here  and here a white tee, similar here and here my jeans are last season, but who knows 😉 similar here and here my bag is Chloe (a dream purchase but cost per wear = bargain! Exact here , my cap is new, and as you can see I’m very attached to it just now ;O it was from Scotch & Soda, similar here

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Challenge Day 2

I’m wearing the same clothes though less layers!  I’ve changed the jewelry, and my bag.

I’ve added a belt exact here changed my bag for this one from Zadig (old) but they produce practically the same each season…similar here and here …most of my jewelry is from a Spanish brand Uno de 50 or from Thomas Sabo (lots of skulls ;D) similar here and here  and here and a few other designer pieces.  Ever wedding anniversary is a silver one in our marriage ;D

Back to the Cost per Wear argument I’ve probably worn the watch, my rings, the pendants and the bracelets most days since I bought them (tho one was gifted by a dear friend :D) …between 10 to 15 years.

Therefor I think they were almost free!!! ;O Other items that I’ve worn for some time on repeat are the belt, the sunnies and the bag…I know that this sounds like justification but it is absolutely true.  Work it out for yourself.

Does it ever go wrong?  Yes occasionally it does.  I put the new item in my closet maybe wear it a couple of times but in reality it languishes forlorn and accusatory 😦

BUT I have a solution to this problem.  I sell my unloved items on a consignment website.  I use Vestiaire Collective as it operates effectively in Europe (many are USA based only)…and guess what?  Good stuff sells well.  (Once or twice I have sold for more than I paid ;O… Food for thought…Yes or No?

That’s it for now…back with the next day or two soon.. Thanks for popping by, Sarah x

Day 3

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Today rockin stripes and white jeans and added some pizzazz with a spot of burgundy

The striped tee is old from Zadig, exact here  and similar here my bag is by cool Parisian brand Jerome Dreyfuss exact here similar here and I do believe that it is worth investing in a good bag.  My scarf is from Zadig, this season but I think sold out, however the brand regularly repeats designs and colors – one of my main reasons for liking them so much as a new piece or two each season updates the old pieces instantly, exact here  (I was wrong 😉 I just checked the link and they are still available on this site) and similar here






Boots are from Chloe ;O exact here similar, and much cheaper, here and here and here

Day 4:

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Today rockin stripped sweater with white tee and jeans – again it’s the accessories that do the work!

White jeans are a must in any wardrobe similar (designer) here and high street here  white tee as before, sweater (old) similar (designer) here and high street here , scarf is old too, similar here and here The bag is also Zadig (hmm!  I think I might have a bit of an obsession here 😉 – but I do wear on repeat) similar here and here the pendant is from Uno de 50 (old – and the name means that they only make 50 of each piece) here  and I like this one here  and I want this here




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The belt is old Zadig similar here and here and the sunnies are by Carrera, similar here and here

OK that’s it for now folks…more in a day or two, thanks for calling by 😀 x


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Velvet hoodie with white tee, black pattern silk shirt and black pants

Day 5:  The same pieces but in a slightly different combination…snapped by Iza in front of a little street art with a hoodie 😉

Day 6:  Below…

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Silk shirt, black pants and cardi-coat this time with a pop of merlot…in the bag and my Chloe boots..



The blouse is Zadig & Voltaire (old) I like this one here and here the bag is by Jerome Dreyfuss here and here ….everything else already referenced…

Day 7:  Below..

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Pretty much the same outfit….this time with the red Chloe boots.  I’ve been asked many times about my necklaces…above I’m wearing a white shark tooth from Zadig (old – in fact bought second hand from Vestiere Collective) I would like this one here similar here Safety pin from Alexander McQueen (old) I would like this one here or this one here and the cross I bought from a market stall in Covent Garden also years ago…I like this one here and this here My belt is also Zadig (Yes, yes, I do have a bit of an obsession ;P exact here and similar here

More in a couple of days…thanks for following Sx

Phew…where do the days go to!!!

Day 8:

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Velvet jacket, black pants and striped tee all on repeat…



The only addition today is my studded belt…I love that it has gold and silver studs making it very versatile…similar here and here The necklace is no longer available but I WANT this one 😉 here

Day 9:

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All on repeat…

I  threw on one of my own handmade necklaces, I like these here and here  My watch is very old from Fendi…this item has definitely earned its keep (re cost per wear) similar bi-metal types here and here (I’m stunned by how much an almost identical watch to mine cost now :O…I think I might sell mine and get this here ;P

Day 10:  Yay!  I have to admit that wearing the same pieces on repeat began to pall a couple of days ago…I think a 7 day challenge would have done it for me.


Last day of the challenge and boredom has set in…so the last couple of days my new challenge has been taking mirror selfies…I have to say that this is a very difficult art that I am yet to master ;(

Obv all the same stuff…BUT I did find the grey version of my scarf  here …get it before it goes….

Actually this challenge was a bit like packing for a City break…its just that I’m used to the 4-7 day option not the 10 days ;D  Hope you enjoyed following the process and my ramblings, Sarah, aka Badassbabyboomer x


Author: Sarah - Badass Baby Boomer ;)

Baby Boomer speaks for itself, yes I am a woman of a certain age ;) Why Badass? I have Rock & Roll in my DNA, coupled with some Punk Attitude and a (Lovin) Spoonful of Hippie Chic. Altogether BABB ;O The blog is not intended to be age specific, or indeed age appropriate! It is more about my style philosophy. The blog is to help girls and women of all ages to become more confident in expressing who they are through the way they dress. Mine are style tips and tricks based on years of styling, and an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry. My shopping advice is suitable for those with a limited budget, those who are strapped for cash, and for the lucky ones who have cash to splash. Personally I mix it up, marrying high street with high end to achieve my unique look. I hope that you will enjoy my new blog, Sarah x

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