Lunch @ El Castillo de Monda

Mr F and I were invited by our Dutch friends Ton and Selma to lunch at El Castillo de Monda.  The restaurant is set within an hotel of the same name and is situated in Andalusia in the hills above Marbella.  As it sounds El Castillo is an old castle that has been lovingly restored by 3 Dutch men.  Sensitive restoration has retained the character of the place and the views from the restaurant on the rooftop are spectacular!




Mr F and I posing on the Moorish thrones situated in the anteroom of the restaurant.

Delicious starters:  On the left Scallops with Chorizzo, to the right Smoked Salmon served imaginatively with beetroot.

Equally tasty main course dishes which we all enjoyed immensely.

Falling at the last hurdle 2 puds with 4 spoons!  Divine!!

After a leisurely meal we wondered around the castle admiring the views and vowing to return for a special occasion with an overnight stay as the accommodation looks really interesting and inviting.  PS this is not an advertisement!  we all enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to wish them all well at El Castillo.  Good Luck!

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