Perennial Trend – Army Style

There are many trends that come and go so fast that it can be difficult to know which time around it is ;D …for me military styling is a go to look pretty well anytime of the year, and I have probably re purchased practically the same item multiple times over the years…I suppose that this is one of the downsides of knowing your own style!

Camo shirt, this is a new addition from Heartmade by Julie Fagerholt, with military green pants which are a regular feature here on my blog!


Shirt unbuttoned over white vest and sporting a Balenciaga cross-body bag, this one scored second hand from Vestiare Collective ;)…as I’ve said before, I like the concept of recycling, and I spotted this beauty after I’d cleared out and sold 4 others from my stash. ย I seem to have a serial handbag habit ;(


Here I completed my look with a dog-tag, aviator shades and a bunch of silver rings!

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