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  • Winter 10 x 10 Challenge… - A friend on Instagram suggested that I should join this challenge and I’m pleased to report that I’m having a lot of fun with it.  Simply you choose 10 pieces from your wardrobe and wear only these items for the next 10 days.  Sounds difficult?  Not so far…hope this is not famous last words! The […]
  • Marbella Club – A Lesson in Layering 😉 - This morning’s photo shoot, which started at Marbella Club Hotel at the instigation of my fabulous photographer Iza Yarczyn, was a real temperature challenge from the start…When I set off at something unearthly to 9.00 (It is a Sunday) the air was chiiiilllly….by the time we finished and stopped for coffee I had shed all […]
  • Black & White & a Pop of Red - Style Philosophy:  Buy pieces that will integrate into your existing wardrobe.  Most of my buys are carefully planned.  Spend on keepers and skimp on fashiony things that you’ll only wear a couple of times max ;D I bought these pants from b.onesibiza while I was in Madrid (see prior Post) similar here and here and here and the scarf from Zadig […]
  • Out & About in Madrid - What to Wear and What to Do in 4 Days in Madrid
  • Out & About in Marbella -
  • New Year in Puerto Banus - A tongue in chic tour around my home town with homage to some of my favorite brands!